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C's of SMM

The Improved C’s of Social Media Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) isn’t easy and can be some pain in the back. Coming up with the perfect marketing strategy for your business is a matter of its life and death.


Marketing is a broad field and a well-defined marketing strategy is something everyone cannot come up with easily. Business CRM applications help but can’t create a full-fledged strategy. But luckily, there are few strategic areas that if looked carefully and given enough thought, can lead your small business to growing prosperity.


As we’ve already discussed why social CRM is better than conventional CRM and its importance, we are now going to outline a few basic yet significant primary areas to delve into while cooking up your marketing strategy for your small business.


The C’s of Social Media Marketing is a combination of consumer oriented areas that help you view your business from multiple angles, looking at both external and internal aspects. They shape your marketing strategy. A half-baked plan is more dangerous than not having a plan at all.




Before devising your marketing strategy, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. Know your own goals first. If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, people are not going to believe in what you’re offering to them.




Know your competition at best. Be the Don of the business and keep yourself posted with everything that your competitors are doing on a daily basis. Make it a habit. You can’t grow yourself if you’re unaware of what others are doing.




Knowing your customer, of course, is always the first priority because a loyal customer is your lifelong asset. This allows you to create customized products to meet individual needs of a customer.




The ultimate objective of any business activity is to convert fans into loyal customers. If you’re not getting conversion, you need to rethink where you should wield your efforts more.




Social media marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It requires content that thrills your audience. Knowing your audience is the key but coming up with some customer-engaging content is really hard and requires precise knowledge of WHAT and WHY of your business.




Make a business community for fans and customers who could prove to be a good source of your word-of-mouth. Leave a lasting impression with fun campaigns and other activities. Reward them with special promotions and show your concern. This could be done by suggesting products for particular customers. They will become your greatest advertisement.




Real time feedback and conversation with your audience can lead you towards making great customer-oriented strategies. And you should listen to them because they are the lifeblood of your business community and your development. In these social times, one way communication is not welcome anymore. Start polls, open ended questions and open dialogue chats to know your customers better.




Commitment is the king of all areas since without it, no challenge can be met. Whether it be personal or professional. If you’re not committed to your own efforts, your social CRM isn’t going anywhere. Attention is more required than time when you’re dealing with social media.


OneCubeCRM is one of the most reliable CRM application for small businesses. We have designed this app, particularly taking into account the needs and requirements of a growing business and how to meet them efficiently. OneCubeCRM will serve you as an all-in-one business management technology that you need for turning your tiny business into a huge success.

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