One Cube CRM

  • Keep an eye on all the significant Details

    Keep an eye on all the significant Details

    Customized Dashboard helps you to monitor all the tasks, deals, and projects. Look at the data and get insights into your business. The weekly event chart shows the monthly and weekly progress.

    Save all of your Contacts

    • It’s so easy to save all of your essential contacts and collect the data from your clients.
    • It’s easy to keep the name, contact number, address, and email ID of your customers.
    • Save the Organization name and Job Designation.

    Monitor the Projects

    Keep an eye on your progress against each defined project. You can customize the completed and ongoing projects.

    Use a single platform to run your business

    • Connect through Gmail and access all of your mails directly on your Dashboard.
    • Check every email you received through One Cube CRM.
    • That’ll be easy for you to manage your business.

    Track all of your Deals

    Manage the deals of each project by adding the information on your Dashboard. You can also add different stages of deals and the amount of money regarding each step and can access this data at any time.

    Define the essentials Tasks

    Monitor all the ongoing tasks related to different projects. You can also add the various stages of the job.

    Mark your calendar for the Events

    Mark the critical dates on the calendar here. Have a complete data of upcoming meetings, appointments, and events. Don’t have any chance to miss any of them.

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