Micro-moments are the result of dramatic technological advancement since the birth of the Internet. People now rely on technology; when searching for a restaurant or car service garage, the first thing we consult is our smartphones. Decisions can be made in seconds, posing a great challenge to today’s marketers.

We no longer live in a time of brand loyalty, instead putting convenience and time over all else. This emphasizes the importance of connecting with your customers in real-time, and the need to be aware of micro-moments.

What Are Micro-Moments?

A consumer journey is an array of intent-driven, crucial moments that can shape your business and boost success; Google refers to them as Micro-Moments.

Reaching the right audience is a science and is done through a variety of technical approaches. However, with the introduction of micro-moments, the marketing process is broken down into manageable parts.

Micro-moments are broken down into 4 categories:

Micro-moments diagram

  • I-Want-Know
    • The customer is researching information and help on a specific problem they are facing
    • There is no purchasing intent (yet!)
    • Inspiration to begin research can occur anywhere, on or offline
  • I-Want-To-Go
    • The customer, after doing research, has come to the conclusion that they can best solve their problem by making some form of purchase
    • They are now seeking businesses that can provide the solution they are looking for
    • As with the first phase, the customer is using technology to seek out the purchasable solution
  • I-Want-To-Do
    • The customer decides that they want to do something with this solution they have found
    • This phase can occur before or after the purchase
  • I-Want-To-Buy
    • The customer has now found a business that suits their needs and is ready to purchase
    • They now need help deciding what product/service they need from the business that best fixes their problem
    • This is a vitally important point for the business to step in and meet the customer’s needs

How to Get the Best Out of Micro-Moments

Technology and micro moments

69% of Smartphone research for travel ideas is done while waiting in line for something, such as the grocery store checkout, and 91% of people use their smartphone to look up information in the middle of a task; in this regard, mobile devices are complete game-changers. The awareness of time and its importance has transformed marketing.

Here is an animated description of micro-moments exclusively for our valued readers!

Find Your Business’s Micro-Moments

Micro-moments vary for each business and industry. In the fashion industry, for example, there’s an added ‘I-Want-To-Review’ moment.

However, the two most micro-moments shared by all businesses are “I-Want-To-Know” and “I-Want-To-Buy.” Perform in-depth research of your industry’s most common search terms, questions, and phrases to better understand your company’s specific micro-moment in which the customer is most likely to find, engage with, and purchase from you.

Here are a few steps you can take to get you started:

Develop a Micro-Moments Strategy

Micro-moments woman on phone

Finding success through micro-moments requires action beyond research and awareness. Once you have identified your company’s most important micro-moments, you must develop a marketing strategy to see its full effect. You now know what the customer is looking for, and it is your responsibility to make yourself visible to them and offer your product/service as their solution.

Make Your Business Visible

Micro-Moments Phone search

Once you’re done with planning, the next step is to make sure you’re visible to your customers. Tailored content, SEO optimized web pages, and video hosting portals can effectively increase your brand awareness.

Provide What They Need

Then, after developing your marketing strategy and making yourself visible to the customer, you must innovate and customize your products/services to meet customer needs head-on. By investigating your business’s micro-moments, you are more aware of your customer’s exact needs and can better provide them with the exact products/services they require.

Also, be sure that the information with which you are serving your product/service is clear and directly addresses the customer’s needs. You have what they need, make sure they know it!

Micro-moments laptop man

Ikea has recently ingeniously changed its product names into most commonly searched terms on google such as, “My son plays too many computer games,” “Too much screen time,” and “My husband snores.” All the above-mentioned phrases represent a variety of products that pertains to them exclusively.

Ikea, then, not only meets the customer’s need in their product, but also makes themself visible to the customer searching for a solution to their problem. They identified their specific micro-moments and developed a strategy to make themselves visible and move the customer forward towards a purchase.

Deliver Quickly

These moments are called micro for a reason. Providing solutions on-the-spot at the moment when the product/service is needed gives you your own micro-moment. The age of fast-paced information does not allow for anything slow; you know you have a solution to your customer’s problem, all you need to do is to deliver without taking too long.

Micro-moments woman on laptop

How have you evolved your business to meet the demands of technology? Have you broken down your sales process into micro-moments? Let us know what you think and reach out on our Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin; we want to hear from you!

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