The key aspect of promoting any product or service? Proactive brand awareness. If you doubt this claim, think of coffee; you may immediately think of Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts, or maybe Folgers. The point is, you think of a brand.

Brand marketing uses every possible marketing channel and drives perception for likely purchases. Increased brand awareness later converts to elevated market share.

Increases in flexibility and social connections have resulted in a number of challenges for marketers and businesses. One of these challenges is increasing brand awareness.

Investopedia defines brand awareness as:

 “Brand awareness is the likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service.”

According to ISPO News, 90% of people make purchase decisions with a latent state of mind in which they don’t have to cope up with an overwhelming number of available choices for any product. In other words, too many choices will reduce the chance of a customer going through with a purchase. The more people with an impression of your product, the higher the chance of purchase you create, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Brand awareness can be created with a variety of both traditional and modern marketing techniques. If you’ve been struggling and looking for ways to boost your brand attentiveness, here are some effective tips concerning increasing brand awareness.

Brand Awareness is all about the ‘Why’

In a job interview, the employer almost always asks the prospective candidate why they feel they are a good fit for the job; it is the same situation with your own company. Inspiring people need a purpose with originality: in other words; why you do what you do?

Before diving into the boundless sea of marketing and increasing brand awareness, you must first figure out exactly who you are and what you’re offering to your customers.

People don’t buy what you do… They buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek (Author & Speaker)

small business motivation - brand awareness

When you clearly express why you’re manufacturing and selling a specific product/service, you manage to separate your identity and impression from the rest of the industry and increase brand awareness.

Consistently Deliver Quality to Create Positive Brand Awareness

historical business - brand awareness

Most people know that the Ford Motor Company has been on the awarding list for manufacturing great vehicles. But it hasn’t always been that way. Even this business mogul has offered some low-quality products that flunked badly.

Edsel, for example, was released in 1957 and discontinued after releasing just four models. After excessive advertising of this product, user expectations reached an unmanageable level. People expected something fantastic and were instead met with great disappointment.

While brand awareness is a crucial aspect of your product life-cycle, it should be dealt with carefully, and shouldn’t be confused with marketing; otherwise, your business may end up in the Edsel dilemma.

It is important, then, to consistently deliver quality to maintain a good reputation alongside brand awareness. Nestle has 447 factories in 86 countries with over 33,3000 employees with more than 2,000 global and local brands. They have consistently provided quality products over the years, with a good reputation and increased brand awareness to boot.

According to Nestle:

We make quality a group-wide objective”

This approach and mindset are vitally important to not only increase brand awareness, but to maintain a good reputation alongside it.

Brand Awareness Requires Writing with Definition

write with definition

What you write should not only define your company, but your customers as well.

Data about your audience such as gender, geographical location, and interests can lead you to write epic articles, blog posts, ads, and press releases. Concentrate on providing the customer with relevant information that’s more likely to answer their biggest questions.

People these days are confused with a wide range of available options: they want suggestions. Don’t let them look elsewhere, but write to make them believe that this is the place they’ve been looking for. Increasing brand awareness means letting the customer know that you’re their best option.

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”

Jon Buscall (Chief Owner, Jontus Media)

Be There For the Customer

customer service - brand awareness

Sarah was a regular Zappos customer who ordered a pair of shoes for her son. However, one of the shoe straps broke, and she had to request for an exchange. Zappos sent her a prompt reply telling her that she needn’t bring the shoes, and an agent will address her issue. However, when the product came the next day, it was the wrong pair. Sarah asked to send the product back, but Zappos told her to send the shoes to charity, and the right product would be sent to her once again.

Despite the company’s mistake, Sarah became a lifetime customer because of Zappos’ commitment to solving her issue and the generous method in which they solved it. This little yet generous act bought her loyalty for life.

You already know that the customer is the lifeblood of your business: make sure they know that. Being honest and consistently connected with your customers builds an often unbreakable and positive sense of brand awareness.

Think Outside of the Box

Think outside the box

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

George Eliot (famous Victorian Novelist)

Oftentimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. and it is this inspiration that flocks interested customers to your business. 

Not every business strives and not every businessman gets to be on top. It’s not because they’re not making an effort, it may be simply that their effort is focused in the wrong direction. Focus your energy on outside-the-box thinking and work towards what will make your business stand out among the rest. Increase brand awareness through focused dedication and innovation.

We don’t build trust when we offer help. We built trust when we ask for it.

Simon Sinek (Author and Speaker)

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