How to Jump-Start Your Brand Awareness

The key aspect of promoting any product; proactive brand awareness uses every marketing channel there is and drives perception for likely purchases. Increased brand awareness later converts to elevated market share.

We live in an era where having an actual physical business isn’t necessary anymore. Regardless of your business’ size, you can always make profits as long as you’re aware of your own objectives and make the appropriate struggle to achieve them. With the increased use of mobile devices and the internet, we’re living in an online age where things are done just by either tapping or clicking. However, this increase in flexibility and social connections has resulted in a number of challenges for marketers and businesses. One of these challenges is Brand Awareness, and how one can achieve it.

Investopedia defines brand awareness as:

 “Brand awareness is the likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service.”

According to ISPO News, 90% of people make purchase decisions with a latent state of mind where an individual doesn’t have to cope up with an overwhelming number of available choices for any product. What this fact suggests is that the more you carve minds with an impression of your product, the more chances of purchase you create and this provides you an edge over your competitors.

Brand awareness can be created with a variety of both traditional and modern marketing techniques. If you’re still reading this article, it simply means that you’ve been struggling and looking for ways to boost your brand attentiveness. So, let’s not waste our time further and read some effective tips concerning Brand Awareness.

Start With ‘Why’


You’d ask a candidate why he/she wants to work with your company? A wrong answer, and it’s decided whether the individual will be hired or not. The same situation goes with your own company as well. Inspiring people need a purpose with originality: in other words; why you do what you do?

Before diving into the boundless sea of marketing and brand awareness, you must first figure out exactly who you are and what you’re offering to your customers.

People don’t buy what you do… They buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek (Author & Speaker)

When you clearly express why you’re manufacturing and selling a specific product/service; it’s when you manage to separate your identity and impression from the rest of the industry.

Be Regular at Delivering Quality


While we all know that the Ford Motor Company has always been on the awarding list for manufacturing awesome vehicles, but it hasn’t always been the same. Even this business magnate (the company itself as an individual) has offered some less qualitative products that flunked badly. Edsel, for an example, was released in 1957 and was stopped being manufactured after releasing four models. One of the few reasons why this product failed might have been the excessive advertising of this product which ended up taking user expectations to an unmanageable level.

While brand awareness is a crucial aspect of your product life-cycle, but it should be dealt with carefully, and shouldn’t be confused with marketing.

Nestle has 447 factories in 86 countries with over 33,3000 employees and is one of the leading health and nutrition companies in the world with more than 2,000 global and local brands. The company has been sticking to its goal of providing consumers with more and more health and qualitative products.

According to Nestle:

We make quality a group-wide objective”

And the numbers add up to prove the statement.

Write with Definition


What you write does not define who you are, but also for whom you’re writing. It means there’s more to what you write than just plain text itself.

Data about your audience such as gender, geographical location, and interests can lead you to write epic articles, blog posts, ads, and press releases. Concentrate on providing the customer with relevant information that’s more likely to answer their biggest questions. People these days are confused, and with a wide range of available options, they want suggestions. Don’t let them look somewhere else, but write to make them believe that this is the place they’ve been looking for.

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”

Jon Buscall (Chief Owner, Jontus Media)

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Be There For the Customer in Person


Sarah was a regular Zappos customer who ordered a pair of shoes for her son. However, one of the shoe straps broke, and she had to request for an exchange. Zappos sent her a prompt reply telling her that she needn’t bring the shoes, and an agent will address her issue. However, when the product came the next day it was a wrong pair. Sarah asked to send the product back, but Zappos told her to send the shoes to charity, and the right product will be sent to her once again.

This made Sarah realized for good about how Zappos treats its customers and comes to their help in need. This little yet generous act bought her loyalty for life as well.

Making some time for customers who are paying you for your products and services, and are the fuel to your business, can change a lot about your brand and its awareness. You’re already serving the customer, so why not making them feel connected?

Think Out of the Box


“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

George Eliot (famous Victorian Novelist)

Coupled with a well-known quote from Simon Sinek:We don’t build trust when we offer help. We built trust when we ask for it.” It changes a whole lot of everything.

Most of the times we get help from unexpected sources, ones that we’d never thought about before. Be it your internet or a kid trying to solve a puzzle, you can always get some inspiration and help from sources that are out of the box.

Not every business strives and not every businessman gets to be on top. It’s not because they’re not making an effort, it might be simply because all their effort is put in the wrong direction.

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