Common CRM Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common CRM Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Most companies confuse CRM onboarding with adaptation—the two are completely different, yet dependent on each other to properly function. Onboarding starts with the decision on a CRM application that suits your company’s requirements. On the other hand, adaptation deals with processes that take place after onboarding, […]

Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs New CRM Software

Change is inevitable, and as business owners, we must learn to work with it instead of fighting against it. Many businesses today purchase customer relationship management (CRM) software and choose to work with it as long as possible, often until it is out-of-date. But out-of-date software can cause more harm than good. What, then, are […]

Why the Blend of Content Marketing and CRM is Important for Your Business

Running a business requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. And, when it comes to content marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), this knowledge is especially important to master. defines a business person as: “A person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as […]

What Are Micro-Moments and How They Boost Your Business

Micro-moments are the result of dramatic technological advancement since the birth of the Internet. People now rely on technology; when searching for a restaurant or car service garage, the first thing we consult is our smartphones. Decisions can be made in seconds, posing a great challenge to today’s marketers. We no longer live in a […]

4 Easy Solutions to Common CRM Problems

In managing your business, you want to avoid as many issues and jump as many detrimental hurdles as possible; and one of the trickiest elements to master is customer relationship management. Common CRM problems will turn what should be growth and effective sales to jeopardizing and potentially fatal pitfalls. But no need to fear: here […]

The Best CRM System Features to Look For to Help Your Business

With the ever-growing developments taking place in the software industry every day, a business has thousands of applications to choose from. What, then, are the best and most important CRM system features to look for? To help you know what to look for when choosing a CRM application, here are some of the must-have features […]