What is a CRM: 4 Basics You Need to Know

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a business practice that helps owners, managers, and employees manage each other and their customers. All projects, sales, etc. are all completed with customer satisfaction and, most importantly, communication in mind. CRM software streamlines this intention to create better communication and, in turn, higher profits. It features all the […]

Why Is Customer Intelligence Important For Your Company’s Success?

Customer Intelligence is one of the most needed techniques without which a CRM application is useless for business. In a purely analytical sense, customer intelligence helps a business gain realistic & much-needed data regarding customer buying behavior/preferences. Customer intelligence, then, has become a major component in crafting a successful CRM strategy for any company. Let’s […]

Common CRM Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common CRM Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Most companies confuse CRM onboarding with adaptation—the two are completely different, yet dependent on each other to properly function. Onboarding starts with the decision on a CRM application that suits your company’s requirements. On the other hand, adaptation deals with processes that take place after onboarding, […]

What Makes Good Customer Service and Why is it Important

Why are some businesses successful while others aren’t? What is the primary difference between a failed and a successful company? It often comes down to the attention given to customer service. What, then, makes good customer service? A business has no value until there is a demand for its manufactured goods—likewise, customers will find no […]

How CRM in Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, keeping up with day-to-day operations can be a headache. Our time is often spent on paperwork, upkeep, etc. that can easily be done through customer relationship management (CRM) in cloud computing. Implementing these tools can help skyrocket your business operations and leave you with more time and opportunities to grow. What […]

Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs New CRM Software

Change is inevitable, and as business owners, we must learn to work with it instead of fighting against it. Many businesses today purchase customer relationship management (CRM) software and choose to work with it as long as possible, often until it is out-of-date. But out-of-date software can cause more harm than good. What, then, are […]