3 Technologies That Are Reshaping Modern CRM Designs

Technology serves as the backbone of customer relationship management. CRM integrates new technology to fast-track growth and organization. Implementing modern CRM designs is the way to a successful business. The technology surrounding business and CRM is constantly changing to improve customer relations and sales. IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are some of the major technologies […]

The Best CRM Data Management Tips For Your Business

A good customer relationship management (CRM) software contains a variety of features to gather and properly manage consumer data & information, known commonly as CRM data management. This data includes personal preferences, purchasing behavior, contact information, and other necessary information that helps any company to facilitate its customers effectively. CRMs gather other types of data […]

Benefits Of CRM in the Healthcare Industry

There are many interesting details to consider in medical care—one often overlooked aspect deals with the management of the relationship between care provider and patient, and CRM in the healthcare industry tackles just that. Customer relationship management (CRM) in the healthcare industry can be extremely beneficial. Failure to produce great public relations will result in […]

Small Business and Technology: How Can You Compete?

Small business and technology are often at odds with one another. Technological revolution and change do not stop- it has been constant since the creation of the modern computer in 1946. How, then, does small business keep up with technology? Few things change faster than technology, and technological advancement presents plenty of opportunities for better […]

What Are Micro-Moments and How They Boost Your Business

Micro-moments are the result of dramatic technological advancement since the birth of the Internet. People now rely on technology; when searching for a restaurant or car service garage, the first thing we consult is our smartphones. Decisions can be made in seconds, posing a great challenge to today’s marketers. We no longer live in a […]