With the ever-growing developments taking place in the software industry every day, a business has thousands of applications to choose from. What, then, are the best and most important CRM system features to look for?

To help you know what to look for when choosing a CRM application, here are some of the must-have features of a good CRM software for any business. Take a close look!


crm feature #1 - minimalism

Modern CRM systems offer a wide range of features meant to address an array of customer relationship and business management. To better navigate, understand, and communicate your CRM app for yourself and your team members, the design is incredibly important to consider.

A CRM application that anyone can use, especially one which attracts the user with its simple design and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), is the key factor in user-adoption of not only a CRM but any kind of electronic software. Simplicity is among the key standards of software designing. The best CRM apps feature the simplest design while still efficiently attending to all expected business requirements. Complexity puts you at a disadvantage right from the very beginning.

Mobile Access

mobile access

The core functionalities of a CRM system must feature and consolidate mobile accessibility as a standard (W3C accessibility guidelines). It’s one of the features that over 88% of users desire in any application. According to research from Innoppl Technologies, the difference between sales quota achievements of mobile CRM users and non-mobile CRM users is 43%.

Since people from the sales team are the ones to spend most of their time outside of the office, they must have access to the CRM functions even outside the office. 60% of internet access today is via mobile devices, which means responsive designs have earned their place at the grand table.

Social Media Integration

social media integration - crm features

It has become a whole lot easier to connect and attract more and more audiences than ever before with the arrival of social media. Therefore, social media integration has become one of the best and most important features of a reliable CRM system.

A social CRM application allows you to screen, project, and manage your communication with the customer, allowing greater understanding and healthier customer relationships. With a staggering number of 22% of the world’s total population effectively, and tailoring the products/services according to their needs get much higher.

Project Management

management - best crm features

Project management is one of the essential features a CRM system must be integrated with. It helps navigate through the pre-sale to post-sale procedures easily, which saves you time that manual tasks take. or for this the project management software platform is also very useful.

“Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan”

K. Tate (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Make sure your CRM system has a “Project Management” feature to make customer-centric sales projects easier to manage with the concerned team.

Feedback Management

best crm features

Feedback is an essential thing for a business as it provides you with deep insights about your customer’ preferences concerning your products or services. It may sting sometimes, but it’s the best commodity you can get.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

William Henry Gates III a.k.a Bill Gates (Co-Founder Microsoft)

A well-designed feedback management tool, which allows multiple methods of getting feedback, must be a part of an ideal CRM. It allows accurate data analysis which helps in tailoring the way a seller approaches the customers, and can also be used as future motivation.

Contact Management

phone call - best crm features

There are hundreds of apps that come as standalone contact management tools, but why opt for an extra utility when you can have one in your CRM? There are thousands of customers out there for the taking or online contact management software platform also good . How would you remember their details? Would you like to manually write them down? Of course not!

This isn’t how we do things now. A CRM that has built-in contact management is worth spending your money on. It allows you to store customer details with regards to their status whether they’re prospects or leads.

Keep in mind that the CRM that you choose must also allow you to import contacts from other platforms. It will save you extra efforts and keep all your contacts in the same place.

A Final Word on CRM System Features

Final word

Worried that we made things more complex for you? Actually, not at all! Because we also have the perfect solution just for you. OneCubeCRM is an all-inclusive unification of all the above-mentioned features.

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  • Project management
  • Feedback management
  • Contact management

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If you need more details about how to make the most out of your CRM system, we have a few suggestions below:


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