Running a business requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. And, when it comes to content marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), this knowledge is especially important to master. defines a business person as:

A person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company.

You know, then, that customer relationship management (CRM) is important—but how do you reach the customers in the first place? That is where the blend of content marketing and CRM comes in. As business people, it is our job to identify the demands of the consumer. We cook up tactics to create customized products and meet demands head-on. We not only have to create solutions, but market them as well.

CRM, then, is often not sufficient on its own. You must market to and acquire the customer first before managing your business-customer relationship. Content marketing and CRM go hand in hand, and when done right, you can gain a customer and get their impression of your business off on the right foot. To grow and track your business performance online business dashboard software is very useful.

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A Word on Content Marketing

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The human nature to get sick of things very quickly and easily puts traditional customer relationship management and marketing in a casket.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Institute

This strategy provides your business with increased sales, decreased costs, and long-lasting loyal customers. It achieves the ultimate three goals of any business: save more, sell more, and hold onto loyal customers.

So, when discussing content marketing, the importance of easy-to-digest and relevant content trumps all else.

What Makes Content Marketing So Effective?

Content Marketing

Did you know that Facebook is expected to reach 2 billion active users per month? And did you know that, in 2015, Facebook led 52% of online and offline consumer purchases? And lastly, in February 2016, Facebook hosted 4.4 million videos which generated over 199 billion views. Amazing, isn’t it?

According to Facebook content marketing:

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Results are not achieved instantly, however. Successful marketers provide their customers with relative, concise, and clear information. They enhance their customer relationships with quality content that keeps the reader engaged, entertained, and informed.

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How do Content Marketing and CRM Work Together?

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To blend content marketing and CRM, you first need to change your perception of it. Think of your CRM as the method behind your content marketing.

No matter the focus of your content, it must be high-quality and grab the attention of the customer at once. Your goal is to leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind for the future.

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Tailored content can give you more clicks, comments, and website traffic. You must know your customers’ wants and needs (as you likely already do) and apply it to your content marketing.

Versatility helps keep the customer/reader engaged and increases the odds of getting the highest possible reach. A professional infographic or customized video could do the trick when written text underperforms.

The same versatility also applies to the many other channels where your content gets posted. Not everyone is on Facebook. Making the content available through multiple channels will greatly widen its reach.

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CRM focuses on working personally with the customer to keep them engaged and loyal to your business. Content marketing is used to interact with customers, keep track of their interactions, and reevaluate your targeting strategy based on their preferences. Both subjects have the same end goal: to earn customers’ interest and loyalty. Content marking and CRM together, then, are beneficial in jumpstarting your business’ reach and customer acquisition.

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