If you have been keeping up with the latest developments regarding automated web applications, then you may have heard of WebHook. What you may not know is that while WebHook is great, it is not the final answer to how you can improve your customer service and productivity.

There is one piece missing from you turning your company into a fully automated, fully efficient enterprise. But first, let us take a closer look at the impact WebHook has had so far.

How WebHook has Transformed The Market

WebHook has simplified data collection. Instead of having to go to your website and view analytics manually, WebHook will let you know every time an event happens i.e. a page visit, an app download, a new comment, a product view, etc. once it gets this information, it will send it to the relevant API for processing.

Despite the advancements brought by WebHook, every bit of information is still analyzed manually. They hire developers to redeem the information, send it to the relevant API or app, then let someone else vet the information manually and so on.

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What WebHooks does is automatically forward the information as it comes (after some advanced coding of course) to where you need it to be. This has helped companies reduce up to 25% of the workload, allowing staff to concentrate on other productive tasks.

Why Aren’t More Companies Using WebHook?

The only companies not using WebHook are those who:

  • Don’t know about it
  • Think their company size is too small
  • Don’t want automation – think it is a hassle
  • Like burning money

You no longer fall under the first category. If you are in the second category, you could start planning for when your company gets bigger; but even small companies can benefit from automation, as it reduces the human element and can significantly reduce costs, particularly from wages.

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As for the fourth bullet point: companies often end up spending large amounts on tasks that can be handled by automation. However, if your company has shied away from automation or WebHook in particular because of the complex coding required and time requirement, it is completely understandable.

WebHook requires a code for every event which takes skill, time, and resources. You need to write a code to connect it to your server and code to connect it to your APIs, a process that might need to be repeated often as you update your APIs.

Nobody wants that hassle. That’s why there’s Via Socket.

Via Socket: WebHook Amplified, Then Multiplied

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Despite how good WebHook is, it has some limitations. Too many APIs to be managed individually by attaching one WebHook to each API, and you’ll end up with is a burdened system and workforce. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

As the name implies, Via Socket allows you to plug in numerous APIs to your WebHook, giving it the capability to do many times more than it could.
It also comes with a development team that can handle the coding for you, including the connection to your APIs, no matter how many.

How Does Via Socket Work?

Let’s say you want to connect Google Sheets to other APIs. Via Socket can send the information to the appropriate API as needed, via webhook.

Which data to send, when, and how all depend on your specifications. If there is any information you need going to go or from your APIs through WebHook, Via Socket can help you achieve it.

Via Socket will connect your Google Sheets to numerous APIs, including your website; but it doesn’t stop there. The flow of information is omnidirectional, allowing data to come to and from your WebHooks to where you need them to be.

The best part is Via Socket works according to your own company’s specifications. When you get a request regarding a product, for example, you might typically send an automated email response, pass on the person’s details to the customer service team to call them or add their details to your CRM software.

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With Via Socket, all of these can be executed automatically. You no longer have to monitor each API throughout the day, neither do you have to manually respond to events on your website that could be processed automatically.

Via Socket works with any WebHook; it is a simple-to-use tool and requires very little input from developers. That is automation the way it should be; the new age of productivity is here.

Let Via Socket do the Work

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Data drives businesses. Collecting, analyzing, and understanding information is what will either keep you in business or drive you out. By gaining a better understanding of your customers, you get a fighting chance against a growing number of competitors.

Having WebHook at your disposal will help you do this faster than the bulk of your competition; and with Via Socket attached, you could become a market leader.


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